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Telecom Italia announced 5G plan, covering 120 cities in 2021.

Italy's largest telecommunications company, Telecom Italia (TIM) plans to expand its 5G services to six Italian cities and dozens of tourist attractions and commercial centers by the end of the year.

As a previously monopolized company, Telecom Italia announced its 5G mobile service plan on last Friday. It also negotiated with the competitor Vodafone, hoping to share 5G infrastructure and expand service areas across the country by low cost.

TIM has started 5G services in Rome, Turin and Naples, and is testing in the southern cities of Matera and Bari, with plans to take the next steps in Milan, Bologna, Verona and Florence before the end of the year.

TIM said in a statement that they plan to cover 120 cities in Italy within two years, accounting for 22% of the total population.

According to the detailed information outlined on Friday, Telecom Italia will provide downloads of tiered data to consumers and business customers instead of providing unlimited data.

Source: CFOL